64 Productions Professional Mixing and Mastering Service! Music For Licensing!

Professional Mixing and Mastering Service. Quick turn around time!


Can I get a test snippet done?

Yes just send us the tracked out song, from the beginning of song to the second chorus. And it will be mixed and mastered for you to judge the quality. Please allow three days to complete.

How long will it take to recieve finishded product?

Usually between 2-4 days, Depending on the amount of songs it could take a bit longer to ensure a quality product. But they will be completed in a timely manner.

Can I have my finished files encoded with CD cover and other info?

Yes, it is included with our mastering service.  Your finished files can be encoded with: CD cover, track info, Artist info, producer info and tracking info(if available).

How do I send my files for mixing and mastering?

Send each track of your song rendered from start to finish of song. So when they are entered in to mix program they all line up. Remove all effects and Plug ins from vocal tracks please, (except any special effects that you want to remain) send your mix dry. If you just need Mastering, send a mixed wav file of song with know compression on file. Also file should not be hot (loud), please live a little head room for mastering process.  You will be sent a link from our DropBox account for you to upload your files.