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How to achieve a professional mix

By lboogie1964@yahoo.com on Dec 05, 2013 in Mixing - 1 Comment

                                                          If you want to impress your listening audience, you’ve got to cover your basics when mixing your productions.


Below we list 6 secret methods in order to achieve a professional mix:

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Mixing Tips

By lboogie1964@yahoo.com on Dec 05, 2013 in Editing , Mixing - 10 Comments


How Loud do top producers mix


If you’re asking yourself “How loud do the top producers mix?”, then you’re asking the wrong question. Try asking “How soft do they mix?”. That’s right, that’s what we said. Below we reveal the reasons Top Producers mix at lower versus higher levels:

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Background Vocals

By lboogie1964@yahoo.com on Dec 13, 2013 in Editing , Mixing , Recording - 9 Comments

You’ve put in some hard work to achieve the perfect lead vocal mix. Now, it’s time to bring the song to a new level by adding the background vocals to the mix! Below are some great unknown tips on how to attain some prized background vocal textures…

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Adding Heat to Drum Rhythms

By lboogie1964@yahoo.com on Dec 13, 2013 in Editing - 1 Comment

It’s true, Most hip hop hits have extremely simple drum rhythms. Although they may be simple, don’t be fooled. There’s more to it than meets “the ear”.

What do we mean?

While listening to various hits on the charts, you might at one time or another asked yourself “Why does this beat move so well even though the rhythm is so basic? When I try sequencing the same drum pattern, it simply does NOT have the same professional feel as the hit! What could I possibly be doing differently?”

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